DOM: Domain-Specific SoC

Research and Development of Domain-Specific IoT Platforms (June 2017-)


IoT applications, products, and services will create a large market, just like we have been observing through personal computers and smartphones. This mass production capability of the market allows platforms to be specific to target domains in terms of profitability. This project commoditizes main multi-core and many-core architectures, while configuring domain-specific modules such as hardware accelerators and I/O interfaces for each IoT application, product, and service. We aim at achieving 10x performance-per-watt improvement over traditional computing platforms. In particular, we develop domain-specific IoT platforms that achieve 10TFlops performance at less than 20W energy consumption.

  • LLVM Supporting AXIS ISA (Many-Core Processors in DOM) [GitHub]

Email: nedo-iot